Squirrels is a family, teacher and student friendly riding school. They work in partnership with us to provide a safe, comfortable and educational space for our students. We use them as a regular part of our off-site curriculum. Squirrels can offer accreditations for our students as well as simply a place to gain confidence and social skills. Squirrels caters for all levels from lead rein to advanced skills including GCSEs. Squirrels is located on Bluebell Hill just off the M2 so is only a short distance from our school.

Catch 22

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Pupils visit Creepy Claws to undertake BTEC Animal Care. Pupils focus on animal welfare and animal handling. They explore welfare laws, health and safety, and demonstrate animal handling techniques in a range of scenarios. They learn the signs of animal health and symptoms of ill health, and the setting up, maintenance and cleaning of animal accommodation.  

Eternal Lake Nature Reserve (formerly called Buckland Lake) is a protected SSSI nature reserve in Cliffe, Kent. Open daily to the public, they provide a place where people can connect with nature and engage in healthy activities. Our students are currently helping with woodwork, painting, gardening and litter picking as part of a Community Project.

Friston House

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St Francis of Assisi Church, Strood

As part of a local Community Project students are supporting with the gardening and maintenance of the church in Strood.