Curriculum Approach

 At City of Rochester School we offer our pupils a bespoke education package that is matched as closely as possible to the National Curriculum. In addition, there is an experiential learning element which ensures our children are immersed in their learning programmes and the subject matter – this includes links to the outside world where pupils can connect with nature.  Examples of this include:

KS1 Phonics and Reading Schemes

KS1 phonics focuses on the "Sounds Write" program with six incremental phases. In phase one, we will concentrate on phonological awareness and oral blending and segmenting. Phases two to six focus on high quality phonic work, which incorporates reading and spelling. The Dandelion Reading Scheme is utilised to further develop this as well as The Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.

KS4 courses available

Each student is an individual and will learn at different rates and to different standards. While at City of Rochester School, our aim is for all KS4 students achieve a passing grade in Maths and English GCSE as a minimum. Some students will be better suited to other courses which have a more practical element to them – this could include BTECs, AQA Unit Award Scheme

Post 16 study programme and qualifications

 All 16-18 learning programmes are individually tailored to the student’s abilities and goals. The 16-18 programme provides more focused goals and activities that students will be able to use  in adulthood, with each having a

 specific core aim to direct learning as well as non-educational elements.

For those who have not achieved GCSE grade 4 (reformed grading) or grade C (legacy grading) in Maths and English, they will continue in these subjects as part of the study programme.   We will work with a range of qualifications at levels commensurate to the learning levels of the student to help achieve their goals.

More about the City of Rochester School Curriculum

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Outdoor Learning


Art & Design






Physical Education


Religious Education




British Values


Experiental Learning

Farm School

 The aim is for pupils to engage with the natural world and to understand farming and its importance to international, national and rural economies. All pupils will gain an understanding of food safety and security, elementary animal husbandry, crops and climate change, caring for and protecting the countryside as well as working with animals. The emphasis is on practical skills and knowledge acquisition in relation to how farming affects all our lives. 

Nature and Wildlife School through Photography

 This curriculum offer engages pupils in ecosystems through visits to nature reserves, wetlands and coastal sanctuaries. Children who are connected to nature are happier, healthier and more creative. Pupils will take advantage of the many nature and wildlife opportunities available across Medway and Kent, learning about bird and animal life, plants and trees, rivers and oceans. Protecting and enhancing the natural world will be a feature of this programme to enable pupils to develop a lifelong love of nature and how it is the foundation of our wellbeing and prosperity. 

British Horse Foundation Programme

 This curriculum offer works to develop six key life skills through equestrian activity: Communication, Confidence, Relationships, Teamwork, Responsibility and Personal achievement. The framework of activity is called the BHS Achieve Award and includes 10 stable management awards and six riding awards. There are also a range of BHS Achieve Skills. 




Marty the Robot will form part of our STEM curriculum. Marty makes learning about programming and engineering a fun and engaging process. Marty acts as a gateway into computer sciences and can grow with pupils from early education to their senior phase. By empowering pupils, Marty allows for inventive learning, engaging pupils’ creativity and learning key STEM skills.

Film School

 This will run for a 6-12 week block during the academic year where pupils in KS1 and KS2 will collaborate on creating animated films. They will work on creating characters, developing storytelling skills, learn the technical aspects of film making as well as developing a range of life skills. Pupils will take their creativity, imagination and skills to the next level. Pupils in KS3 – KS5 will also participate in Film School and these year groups will write, develop, feature and create documentaries that link to key issues that affect young people today. Our aim is to build a new, diverse generation of filmmakers! Within the primary school curriculum there are clear links through the processes of character creation, writing of fiction and storytelling.  

These skills will be honed during the film school sessions to enable the students to create an interesting animated film. Within the Year 4 science curriculum the children will be studying sound during the same term as film school. The process of recording sound is explored during film school and ties in with their learning in science. Within the secondary school the creation of a documentary piece will be supported by their non fiction writing in English lessons. The students’ will develop their speaking and listening skills through the recording and presenting of their documentary. The documentary is to be based around a topic that affects young people today, this ties in with the strong SMSC learning ethos the school harbours and has clear links to the secondary students’ PSHE lessons.  

Forest School

 Forest School will run for a 6 week block during the year where pupils from KS1 – KS3 (optional at KS4) engage in learning opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self- 


 The school provides an integrated therapy service, which includes Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Counselling and Dyslexia support. The range of therapies will be extended further in the near future to include educational psychology and play therapy.

Curriculum & Careers Policies

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